How we help keeping your data secure

Levato takes the security of your company data highly serious. After all, one of the undisputable key elements of mobile working is making sure that safety is always guaranteed. You want to facilitate your employees in making company data easily and quickly accessible, but how do you make sure to keep (malicious) trespassers out?

Levato features a broad range of security functionalities that are seamlessly integrated with the safety configurations of your Oracle CRM system. On top, Levato offers a unique set of additional instruments - such as Remote Device Wiping, strict User Access Control and extensive Data Encryption - that enable mobile working in an even safer and carefree manner.

Security for Levato

What’s more, with Levato it is even possible to safely run Oracle CRM on the personal devices of your employees. This ultimately allows for a successful execution of the increasingly popular BYOD strategy, which can bring along numerous advantages for your organization. On top of cost savings in facilitative tools, an effective BYOD policy can drastically enhance the flexibility and the closely related efficiency and productivity of your staff.

User Access Control

Levato User Access Control

Needless to say, you don’t want your organization’s confidential business data to be publicly accessible. That is why your access control has been carefully configured within your Oracle CRM system, to inhibit individuals outside the organization to gain access to your customer data but also to allow for limited visibility within the bounds of your organization. A common example of the latter would be the shielding of sales leads and opportunities among competing departments.

Levato’s unique synchronization functionality with your Oracle CRM allows for it to automatically implement any changes made in the access control settings. Since each Levato user exclusively works within their own account, they are not able to access or change any data to which they are not granted access to. In the case of an employee (user) leaving the company, deactivation of his Oracle CRM account will also make mobile access through Levato impossible.

Data Encryption

Mobile workers often make use of data networks that lie outside their organizations coordination and control. Examples could be mobile networks of telecommunication providers, but also (unsecure) public networks in hotels and coffee bars. Levato applies data encryption to assure that data is transferred safely over these networks.

If the app detects a potential threat to the safety of the data transfer, it immediately prohibits any further data traffic and alarms the users to take corrective actions. Needless to say, this functionality is both applicable for employees that use corporate devices as well as those who use Levato on their personal device (BYOD).

Levato Data Encryption

Aside from the secured communication between the device and your Oracle CRM environment, the local data stored on the device is also encrypted. That way, in case of loss or theft of the device, the owner is ensured the ‘new owner’ cannot access your confidential company data.

Audit Trail

Levato Audit Trail

In order to further ensure a safe and responsible use of a CRM system, organizations can opt to apply audit trails. Essentially, an audit trail is a chronological record of all actions and activities performed by users within a certain system, on any given point in time.

Has your organization chosen to apply audit trails in the configuration of your Oracle CRM environment? Thanks to its unique synchronization functionality with your CRM system, Levato will automatically comply with this configuration and will make sure that mobile working on tablet or smartphone is recorded by means of audit trails as well.

Since each individual user works within their own account, all user activity is easily traceable, just like you configured in your Oracle CRM system. This enables you to quickly detect who might have made changes to the system and who consulted what data, at which specific moment.

What’s more is that Levato’s audit trail enables you to monitor sign-in requests at any time, and therefore also to identify any possible unauthorized (failed) attempts to access. That way, trespassers can quickly be detected and your organization is able to consider whether possible additional safety measures are to be taken.

Device Access Management

On top of the security mechanisms of your Oracle CRM environment, the Levato platform provides a built-in device access management solution, with which your organization is provided an extra safeguard against trespassers.

Each device that gets registered in your Oracle CRM system is given a unique digital fingerprint, which is being verified every time the user logs in to, or exchanges data with, the CRM system. If the fingerprint is not recognized, any communication with the system will be blocked.

The users themselves can perform the process of registering new devices, by going through a two-factor authentication process. Devices that are no longer in use can be easily denied access by the administrator.

Levato Device Access Management

Each and every registered device forms a unique combination with a given user account, which ultimately implies that that specific user only has access to the CRM environment with that specific device. This inevitably implies that login attempts with, say, an unregistered device from the other side of the globe, will not even reach your CRM environment.

Hence, extra safety for your confidential and valuable business data!

Remote Device Wipe

Levato Remote De

Even when a device gets lost or stolen, Levato makes sure your confidential business intelligence is safe and secured. In case of such an event, it is good to know that your company data is stored encrypted and excluded from access without the required login information. As an extra safety measure, if need be the Levato platform allows your organization to remotely wipe the device from your Oracle CRM environment.

This Remote Device Wipe can be performed and executed by the administrator and permanently removes all local data on the device in the background. Performing this action will indefinitely prohibit access to your CRM environment from the lost or stolen device.

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